Selecting a build resolution
As a general visualization, imagine the following:

You have two materials to work with - 1/4" thick wood and 1/32" thick wood.....
Take three balls - a basketball, a baseball, and a golf ball...

Build each by measuring the diameter every 1/4" and cutting a circle that size from the 1/4" material. Now glue each corresponding circle together.
The basketball doesn't look to bad. It is a large part and the stepping is a lesser percentage of the part.
The baseball looks a bit funny. The stepping has become a significantly larger percentage of the part.
The golf ball has about 6 layers and does not look like much of a sphere.

Now rebuild the golf ball by measuring every 1/32" and cutting a circle that size from 1/32" material.
We have many more circles to glue together. But the golf ball looks much more like a sphere.

We can do the same for the baseball, but there are a lot of circles and a lot of work to put them together. The ball would look very good, but it would take more time to make.

Here is the decision - 'How good do you want or need it to look?'. The coarse ball may be representative enough to work, or the finer layers may make it look more real.

If we do the same for the basketball, while it may look very good, the work time - time to build it - starts to become prohibitive when translated to cost.

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