SLA Finishing
The last decision to be made is the handwork to be performed to the SLA once it has been produced. Many different options are available. If you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call to discuss what you need.
Click on a heading for details:

• Strip & Ship

• Basic Plus

Strip & Ship Plus sand support area.

• Standard

Applied to models that are for engineering or product review.

• Primed

Ready to paint parts.

• Presentation

Applied to models that need to look like a production part.

• Presentation w/Graphic

Applied to models that need to look like production parts with secondary process of graphics applied.

• Presentation Clear

When clear models are desired (Only available for 11122XC Material)

• Presentation Clear Tinted

When clear tinted models are desired such as automotive lenses or industrial lighting lenses (Only available for 11122XC Material)

• Quick Clear

When economical clear models are desired. (Only available for 11122XC Material)

• Presentation w/ Nickel Plate

Value Added Services:
• Heli-coils: Customer specifies the size and location of heli-coils to be used in model.
• Decals: Creation and application of custom decals.
• RP Tempering: Increase the physical properties of your model.
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