SLA Materials selection
Generally you order your prototype in a material that mimics the production grade material you will be using when the part is manufactured. So if your final part production will be out of polypropylene, you may request DSM Somos® 9120. If your part will be made of an ABS (or anything in the styrene family), you may request DSM Somos® 11122.

The exception to the above is when you have a particular test in mind or when you need to perform a secondary process, which requires contradicting material properties. For example, if you plan to use the part as a pattern for RTV molding (even if the final production part will be made of polypropylene) you would probably have your SLA model made out of DSM Somos® 11122 due to its surface finish and rigidity.

DSM Somos® 9120 - produces robust, functional and accurate parts. Parts created from 9120 exhibit superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. It also offers a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. This material is useful in creating parts for applications where durability and robustness are critical requirements (i.e. automobile components, electronic housings, medical products, large panels and snap fit parts). This material was designed to simulate polypropylene. Appearance: Translucent white

DSM Somos® 11122 - Produces strong, tough, water-resistant parts. Parts created with 11122 have a pleasing light blue tinge. It offers many properties that mimic traditional engineering plastics including ABS and PBT. This makes the material ideal for many applications in the automotive, medical, and consumer electronics markets and include - Water flow analysis, RTV patterns, Durable Concept models, Wind tunnel testing. Appearance: Optically Clear - slight bluish tinge.

You can download a material data sheet for either of these materials by clicking on the links below. You will need Adobe acrobat reader to view these PDF files.

ABS / PC Like:

Somos 11122

P-P Like:

Somos 9120

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