RTV silicone casting process
SLA master pattern (primed) Silicone RTV mold cast urethane part
Step 1: Create an SLA Master Pattern. Hand finishing and preparing the part to the level requested by the customer.

Step 2: The SLA Master Pattern is used to make a silicone rubber mold. The mold is made from a two part liquid silicone. The silicone is mixed and poured around the pattern to produce a core and cavity of a mold. The Master Pattern is then removed, leaving a negative image of the part.

Step 3: Urethane (polyurethane) casting material is then mixed and injected into the mold to create the final product.

Step 4: Any post curing is applied. Final finishing and decorating is performed.

NOTE: Most silicone molds are able to produce between 25 - 50 parts, depending on the type of casting urethane used.
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