We provide high resolultion Stereolithography (SLA) 3d printing and fabrication
Versadyne is a highly diverse engineering and rapid prototyping company with years of experience in all aspects of manufacturing.  We can assist from concept to production.

Versadyne is fully dedicated to helping our customers realize their product development goals swiftly and economically.  From conceptual designs, 2D drawings, 3D drawings, complete detailed CAD designs up to fully computerized renderings.

From your completed design, we can provide complete rapid prototyping services.  Highly detailed presentation models, sales models, engineering models, models to test form, fit and function.  3D printing or rapid prototyping have become an industry standard for sales and show samples, design iteration checks, idea visualization and proof of concept. Ultra high resolution and multiple material choices make SLA prototypes a leader in the marketplace. Using today's technology from cad design to multiple fabrication processes, we can provide high detail and close tolerance in each part.

For low volume production, Rapid Tooling with a polyurethane, epoxy, or silicone castings will bridge the gap between prototype and production tooling.  Our Rapid Tooling (RTV Molding) process allows us to produce anywhere from one to 100 parts from a material that will meet your requirements. Details such as color, texture and even threaded inserts (to facilitate assembly) can be incorporated using our Rapid Tooling process.

Our industry experience, highest design practices, and prototyping experience can benefit your next project.
Viper Si2 SLA
SLA models using
3D Systems
Viper Si2
Sterolithography systems.
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